Zoo Krefeld


Peaceful giants living together

In the new Gorilla Garden you can experience the largest living primates in action in a vast open-air enclosure. The extensive 1,200 m² outdoor enclosure with the adjacent 360 m² Gorilla Villa offers plenty of room for the amazing apes. Male gorillas weigh up to 200 kg and can reach a standing height of 1.75 m. The span of the outstretched arms in a full-grown male silverback can be up to 2.75 m!

The animals enjoy their freedom in a diversified landscape with hills, creek, artificial termite mound and herb-rich meadow. And this provides almost picture perfect scenes: the young silverback Kidogo has already achieved international fame as the "tightrope dancing gorilla". The terrain rises slightly, which gives the visitors a good view of the action from the 80 m2 platform. The adjacent Gorilla Villa with its large panoramic windows provides exciting insights into the life of the gorillas.

Der Fotograf Magnus Neuhaus hielt diesen einzigartigen Moment fest, wo Silberrücken Kidogo über eine Klettersei balancierte. Diese Aufnahme ging um die Welt.

In Brief

  • Opening: 2012
  • Gorilla Garden: 1,200 m²
  • Gorilla Villa: 360 m²
  • Daily feeding at 12:30
  • Lowland gorillas

    • Kidogo (Givskud Zoo, born 2000)
    • Oya (Zurich Zoo, born 1988)
    • Muna (Basel Zoo, born 1989)

      • Tambo (Krefeld Zoo, born 2 June 2013)

  • Construction cost 2.3 million euro, financed by the Zoofreunde Krefeld
  • Short video

Krefeld Zoo is currently home to two groups of lowland gorillas. However, the groups never meet. The Tropical Ape House is home to the "senior group" assembled around the silverback Massa. Since his arrival in 1975 he has fathered seven children with his two wives Boma and Tumba. The children now all live in other European zoos. When the old Massa could no longer father children, a solution had to be found for the young females Muna and Oya. With the construction of the Gorilla Garden, which can accommodate up to ten animals, the zoo wants to continue its successful breeding programme for the endangered apes. The origin and character of the newly arrived silverback Kidogo should provide ideal conditions for continued success. The first breeding success was recorded just one year after the opening of the new facility: the young male Tambo, offspring of Kidogo and Muna.

The aim of the Zoofreunde Krefeld is the construction of an Ape Park. Outdoor facilities are also planned for the orangutans and chimpanzees.