Zoo Krefeld

Large Animal Enclosure

XXL experience with pachyderms

No visit is complete without visiting the majestic heavy weights located in the Large Animal Enclosure! Asian elephant, black rhinoceros and pygmy hippopotamus are simply in a class of their own. In the Large Animal Enclosure you can experience each of the three species in their own indoor and outdoor facilities.

In particular, the young black rhinoceros is a crowd puller which the Krefeld Zoo is particularly proud of. In February 2006 Davu - Swahili for "the beginning" - was born. This name was not given by chance, Davu was the first black rhinoceros born in North Rhine Westfalia. Only five zoos in Germany have had success breeding this rare African species. Davu's mother is the rhino Nane, who gave birth to her fourth calf, Nabila, in July 2013.

In Brief

The construction started in 1977 and has not stood still. Remodelling in 2010 converted the elephant enclosure from chain restraints to a box stall. This was based on new findings on the social behaviour of animals as well as changing regulations. Since then the two female elephants, Rhena and Mumptas Mahal, can spend the night without being chained. The outer enclosure was changed to improve the chances for successful breeding of the rare black rhinoceros. The dry moat disappeared in favour of a gently sloping enclosure boundary. An additional outdoor enclosure for the male elephant allows strict separation of the solitary animal. An extension of the outer enclosure is planned for 2015.