Zoo Krefeld


Cool representatives of an endangered species

Opening for the 2014 Easter holidays: "Welcome to the new penguin paradise at the Krefeld Zoo!"

The new 800 m2 enclosure for Humboldt penguins and Inca terns is located near to the Rainforest House and hosts a penguin colony of ten breeding pairs. The terrain for the elegant swimmers with the eye-catching waddling gait is divided into two thirds land and one third water.

In Brief

  • Opening: Spring 2014
  • Area: 550 m²
  • Water pools: 250 m²
  • Humboldt penguin colony of ten breeding pairs
  • Inca terns
  • Construction costs of 560,000 euro, funded by the Zoofreunde Krefeld
  • Facility is accessible to visitors

Model for the design of the new enclosure, especially the artificial rock wall, was the natural habitat of the endangered tuxedo wearers: the coastal regions of northern Chile and Peru next to the cold Humboldt Current. The whole complex was covered by a mesh construction so that, in addition to Humboldt penguins, Inca terns and other shorebirds can also be kept. Humboldt penguins are equipped with two layers of feathers but for particularly frosty winters the residents of the enclosure are provided with a small heated house.

The new penguin facility offers the animals a spacious, semi-natural habitat so that visitors can directly participate in their world: You can walk through the enclosure and directly observe the animals. A bridge provides a path over the 550 m2 area. From there you can watch the swimming excursions of the flightless birds. You can also admire the rapid swimmers under water through a large panoramic window!