Zoo Krefeld

Rainforest House

An exciting jungle trip

Lush vegetation, chirping and rustling everywhere, warm, moist tropical air, animals close enough to touch ... In the Rainforest House you discover a tropical plant and animal world that has evolved in nature over millions of years of mutual adaptation! A jungle path meanders through the middle of dense vegetation, past a leaf-cutter ant island and through a rock tunnel with long-nosed bats and blind cavefish. Iguanas and green basilisk watch the guests from their favourite hiding places in the branches. And suddenly a horde of white-faced sakis, a family of small monkeys, quickly changes its location. Linne's two-toed sloths hang lazily in their sleeping retreats in the trees. They are only active in the evening when they move to their feeding grounds. Turtle lovers will enjoy the four different types of aquatic and land turtles. Butterflies and birds enrich the air and ensure a rainforest atmosphere.

In Brief

The light-flooded Rainforest House with its striking Plexiglas and wood roof was opened in 1998 as the Krefeld Zoo's third tropical house. The 1,100 m2 provides you with an exciting excerpt from the animal and plant world of the South American rainforest. The basic idea of the Rainforest House was to give the visitor a sense of the complex interplay between flora and fauna. Animals can be observed without disturbing barriers and can move freely throughout most of the Rainforest House. Only dangerous species such as the smooth-fronted caiman, tarantulas and the green anaconda must be kept in secure enclosures. The construction of the Rainforest House was made possible by the estate of Krefeld entrepreneur Walter Gehlen, the Zoofreunde Krefeld eV as well as many other donors.