Zoo Krefeld

Tropical Ape House

Always something going on

The Tropical Ape House is always an experience .... There are no fences around the 2,000 m² enclosure which puts the visitor surprisingly close to the animals. Only a dry moat protects the enclosure, allowing the visitors to clearly see and hear the apes. The resident orangutans, chimpanzees and great apes feel at home in the near natural enclosure with its pleasant tropical climate.

The Tropical Ape House was built as a greenhouse with natural climbing trees and lush tropical plants that offers plenty of space for its residents. The monkeys and apes are kept in the spacious enclosure along with other rain forest inhabitants, including fruit bats and free-flying birds. This provides variety and enrichment for the original forest dwellers who are able to watch their fellow lodgers and occasionally help themselves to the fresh green plants. In addition, the vegetation has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract as well as on the animals' fur.

In Brief

  • Opening: 1975
  • Area: 2,000 m²
  • Orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, marmosets, epauletted fruit bats and birds
  • Temperature: 20 – 26°C
  • Warm and humid tropical climate with 70% humidity
  • Funded by the Walter Gehlen Foundation and the Zoofreunde Krefeld
  • Panoramic view of the Tropical Ape House
  • Short video

Built in 1975, to this day the sensational innovations in animal husbandry have not lost their attraction to the visitors. A spacious outdoor facility will soon provide the orangutans and chimpanzees in the Tropical Ape House with a place to roam free - after the GorillaGarden this is another important milestone on the way to Krefeld Zoo's Great Ape Park.