Zoo Krefeld

Tropical Bird House

Feathered friends from five bird worlds

An oasis of peace and tranquillity right in the middle of the bustling zoo ... But the silence is deceptive, there is much to discover in the tropical enclosure. Birds from three continents live in five aviaries, surrounded by exotic plants in the middle a humid tropical climate. Themes of the landscaped aviaries are "African river landscape", "African savannah", "Madagascar", "South American rainforest" and "Asian rainforest". Treetops and branches from these regions form the birds' natural habitat – and these can be found in Krefeld Zoo's Tropical Bird House. The branches of living trees and shrubs are ideal perching and resting places and also provide the birds with nesting material.

Numerous wild birds are waiting to be seen and heard in the dense vegetation of the tropical bird enclosure. Benches invite visitors to linger and look, accompanied by chirping and exotic calls. Madagascan ibises take a bath in the Madagascar aviary while Coua romp happily through the branches. Emerald green plants and deep red soil give a very good impression of the nature of the mysterious island in the Indian Ocean.

In Brief

Exotic plants and splashing water carry you into the world of the Asian rainforest. The melodic calls of the birds and the loving, natural design create a very special atmosphere and make the Krefeld Zoo Bird House a very special place.

Carmine bee-eaters with their bright red plumage catch your eye in the African river landscape. They raise their young in caves dug into the red loam cliff. They build their nests in the soft clay. The artificial nesting cliff is heated and kept moist. Numerous breeding successes of this species are the reward for the development of such a wall.