Asian & Australian animals

The seventh continent, Australia, is home to a diverse and fascinating fauna. With its two species of kangaroo from the Australian mainland and its hobby, the Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo from the island of New Guinea, Zoo Krefeld has three species of marsupials. Zoo Krefeld leads the European maintenance breeding program for the Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo and is deemed the competence and breeding centre for this species throughout Europe.

The mountain anoa is also rarely found in zoos, although it is severely endangered. The shy cattle species from the island of Sulawesi is kept in only two zoos in the world. The two powerful Asian elephant cows "Mumptas Mahal" and "Rena" are impossible to miss. Elephants are kept with an outdoor enclosure at Krefeld. The Chinese muntjacs form a delicate contrast as they move through the foliage, and the chitals wade carefully through their swamp habitat.


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