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Great Ape House

The Great Ape House is exciting at all times. The tropical house with a size of 2,000 sqm will let you get amazingly close to the animals. Only a dry trench separates visitors from the apes, which makes it possible to see and hear the animals directly. The orang-utans, chimpanzees and elderly gorillas living here are perfectly comfortable in the pleasant tropical climate.

Monkeys and other rainforest dwellers, including flying foxes and free-roaming birds, live in the tropical house. Built in 1975, this facility was a complete novelty in animal keeping at the time. It has lost none of its attraction on visitors. Generous outdoor facilities are planned to provide the orang-utans and chimpanzees from the great ape house with a free-roaming area soon as well – fulfilling another stage goal on the way towards creating an ape park at Zoo Krefeld after completion of the GorillaGarden.


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