Rainforest House


Lush vegetation, cheeping and rustling everywhere, warm and humid tropical air, animals nearly within your reach! Discover a fascinating tropical flora and fauna in the Rainforest House. A jungle path winds through the dense plant growth, past a leaf-cutting ant island and through a rock tunnel with long-tongued bats and albino tetras. Iguanas, green basilisks and sloths roam freely in the entire building. You may see a group of white-faced sakis suddenly dash to a new location.


The Rainforest House was opened in 1998, as the Krefeld zoo's third tropical house. You can watch animals there without any annoying barriers as they mostly move freely throughout the building. Its construction was made possible by the estate of Krefeld company Walter Gehlen, Zoofreunde Krefeld e.V. and many other donors.


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