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Visitors' Rules


The zoo is a facility for humans and animals. In order for both to be equally justifiable and to be protected from harm, compliance with the following rules is essential.


The instructions of the zoo staff must always be followed. Violations of the zoo order can be punished with a reference from the zoo.

Please do not bring

your own!

Pets (exception: dogs on a short leash).


Vehicles of all kinds (exception: wheels / tricycles for children under 3 years, wheelchairs and carts).


Music equipment, drones, balloons, balls

Animals and plants

Feeding all animals is strictly prohibited to maintain their health. Our animals get enough feed of the appropriate quality from our keepers.


The butterflies in the ButterflyJungle must not be touched. Any contact destroys their wings.


Do not touch animals or grab them in enclosures (exception: donkeys and goats may be gently caressed). Even the favorite animal has teeth or a beak.


Do not scare our animals! We ask for special caution and rest in the Great Ape House, in the ButterflyJungle, in the Tropical Bird House, in the Rainforest House and in the PenguinPool.


Do not tear out any plants. Please do not feed plants to the animals as they can be poisonous.


Dogs are allowed in the park, they must be led on a short leash. They have to wait in front of the animal houses. There are docking stations available. Feces must be disposed of properly. The entrance fee is € 2.50.


Children under the age of 10 only have access to the zoo in the company of a supervised adult. Supervisors (parents, grandparents, teachers, educators, escorts) bear responsibility for any damage caused by the supervisor.


For student groups / kindergartens, supervision of the children must be ensured at all times. Do not let the kids explore the zoo by themselves. Only from the 5th class is an exploration in small groups allowed. Violations and misconduct of groups lead to the reference of the class and can result in a zoo ban!

Visitors ways

Stay on the trails and do not climb over any boundaries or climbing boundaries. Ditches (also the ditch of our camels) may not be entered!


Our trashcans are here to be used! Dispose of your trash in the provided containers so that it does not fall into the enclosures and be eaten by the animals.


The throwing of objects / garbage into the enclosures or pools is prohibited.

Tickets and season tickets

Visiting the zoo is only allowed with a valid entrance ticket through the main entrance.


Annual passes are not transferable. The cashier may check the identity of the cardholder at any time by means of a document. In case of infringement, the card is withdrawn without replacement.

Take photos and film

Photography and filming in the zoo is only permitted for private purposes. Publication on the Internet (private websites, Instagramm, facebook, youtube, photo forums such as View or FC, etc.) is only permitted with proof of source: Zoo Krefeld.


Any commercial use is permitted only with the prior written permission of the zoo and payment of a fee to the zoo.


The zoo reserves the right to take legal action in case of infringement.


The zoo management; December 27, 2017


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