Visitors' rules

General rules of conduct

  • Please do not leave the paths and do not climb over or onto any barriers. Never enter any trenches (including our Bactrian camels' trench)!
  • Parents are responsible for their children and must supervise them!
  • Do not touch the animals and do not reach into any enclosures (exception: ponies, donkeys and goats may be petted carefully). Even the tamest animal has teeth or a beak.
  • Never touch the butterflies in the SchmetterlingsDschungel. Any contact will destroy their wings.
  • Do not scare our animals! Please show special caution and calm in the Ape House, the SchmetterlingsDschungel, the Bird House, the Rainforest House and the PinguinPool .
  • Please observe the special prohibition signs at the enclosures and animal houses. For example, eating and drinking is forbidden in most animal houses!
  • Our waste bins are there to be used! Dispose of your waste in the provided containers to keep it from falling into the enclosures, where it may be eaten by the animals.
  • Dogs are permitted in the park but must be kept on leashes. They must wait in front of the animal houses. We provide places to attach the leashes to. Dog excrement must be properly disposed of. The admission fee is 2.50 €.

The instructions of our employees must be observed at all times!

Feeding the animals

  • Feeing any animals is strictly prohibited in order to keep them healthy. Our animals receive sufficient food at the proper quality from our animal keepers.

School classes, ZooSchule, daycare groups

  • Accompanying persons (teachers, educators, accompanying staff) are responsible for supervision! Children must be supervised. Do not let children explore the zoo alone. Exploration in small groups is only permitted from grade 5 onwards. Violations and misbehaviour of groups will have the entire class expelled and may lead to a zoo prohibition of several years!


  • Photography in the zoo is only permitted for personal use. Photographs taken at Zoo Krefeld must only be used for personal purposes. Publication online (personal websites, photography forums such as View, FC, etc.)is permitted if citing: Zoo Krefeld as the source. Photographs from Zoo Krefeld must not be used for advertisements!
  • Selling photographs made at Zoo Krefeld is forbidden except with the advance written consent of the zoo and based on a fee agreement (donation, etc.).
  • The zoo reserves legal steps in case of violation.

Thank you for your understanding. The zoo management.

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